Roman Empire Studios
The Mud Dreams - أحلام الطين

Sound for Film

While I have a passion for film scoring, I also offer post production audio services for film.  I have worked on Television Commercials, Short Films and Social Media Videos.  I can output stereo mixes and am currently expanding into 5.1 at my new office.  

I also have several location audio credits to my name.  If you're looking for someone to record your location audio I have access to the equipment needed for remote locations and am well acclimatized to working on a film set.  

Find examples of my post production and location audio below:

SK Pharmacists Flu Shots PSA

Post Production Audio and Narration by David Roman at Roman Empire Studios.

The Mud Dreams - أحلام الطين

Directed and Written by Mohammed Saadoun.

Location Audio and Post Production Audio by Roman Empire Studios.  

Student Film Demo Reel

Post Production Audio and Music on all films created by Roman Empire Studios.