Roman Empire Studios
Fragments of Penny (comedy film)

Film Scoring

Film scoring is where I find myself most at home.  Whether it's creating a dark and ambient soundscape to heighten suspense or combining whimsical orchestral instruments to invoke laughter, I find myself drawn to eliciting an emotional response through music married to film.    

I am proficient in several instruments and would consider myself an expert in Midi software.  The majority of my scores are created using a combination of recorded sounds and digital software, with a focus on satisfying the creative vision of the client.  I am also in touch with several session performers from several disciplines.  Whatever your scoring needs, I am confident I can satisfy your direction.   

Fragments of Penny (comedy film)

Directed by Lucas Frison.  Written by Elias England and Lucas Frison.

Dancing the Space Inbetween (dance film)

Directed and conceived by Michelle Sereda and Lacy Morin-Desjarlais